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Portland garage door spring repair

If you suspect there is a problem with your garage door spring, it is recommended calling a professional immediately to take care of the problem. A broken garage door spring could put you and your family in danger, especially if there are small children or pets around. If you hear a loud banging noise, most of the chances the garage door spring snapped. Attempting to repair a spring by yourself can be very dangerous and is not recommended as it takes special tools and knowledge in order to remove the spring. In case a work on a spring is done incorrectly, not only someone can get seriously injured, but damage to the door may occur as well. Any type of garage repair, in particular a spring repair, should be dealt by someone who is fully licensed and certified in the field that has many years of experience such as our technicians at Premier Garage Door Repair in Portland.

Our technicians are fully trained to install, replace, or repair both torsion and extension springs. In addition, we are also able to do conversions from an extension spring to a torsion spring. Our technicians will do the job on the safest way possible and inspect it afterwards making sure no problems will occur in the future. Premier Garage Door repair service in Portland has reasonable low rates for spring repair in the area compare to other companies who usually supply the springs, but charge triple for labor. For additional information, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (503) 208-9390 or use our Contact Us form for a free estimate.

  • Torsion spring repair/replaced/installed
  • Extension spring repair/replaced/installed
  • Double torsion spring replacement
  • Door Adjustments
  • One-piece garage door springs
  • Extension spring conversion to torsion
  • And more!